#humpday #gay #noshirt #readyfortheday #sexy #twink #skinny #seriousface #followforfollow  (at home)

#humpday #gay #noshirt #readyfortheday #sexy #twink #skinny #seriousface #followforfollow (at home)

6 August 2014 ·


August is lookin’ real good for you, homie.

LOL so true for me 


August is lookin’ real good for you, homie.

LOL so true for me 

3 August 2014 ·

Click here to support Help me get back on my feet by Camden C McFarland


My name is Camden C McFarland,
This last year has been quite the year for me. I was diagnosed with HIV, I also have PTSD, Panic disorder without Agoraphobia, Major Depressive Disorder, GI problems, chronic pain(still in the process of figuring out whats causing it), Joint Pain(also in the process with finding the cause), Reactive Airway disease, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. Since then I have racked up alot of medical debt, im setting my goal for $5000 for now. I have alot more in debt but I have a student loan out for $3000. and i was planing on putting the rest towards whatever bills I can. 

I am currently living at home with mother.I just recently got SSI Disabiltiy. Its not much but its enough to get by on for now.

The main goal I have with this funding is to be able to pay off my student loan and put a little bit towards my medical debt. It would be a great weight lifted off my shoulders. I basically live in doctors offices. If im not to tired i go out with friends, But most of the time i dont have the energy to do anything which honestly sucks. I should be thriving in life right now. Instead I’m here feeling as if I’m alot older. 

I am an artist at heart. Theater and writing are some of my favorite things. I also love painting though its been a few years since ive painted anything. and it was only a few paintings but i found joy in it. i also did color/winter guard my senior year in high school i really enjoyed that. My one true love is theater, the behind the scenes stuff. I was that person who would make sure everything ran the way it was supposed to, stressful but i loved it. I one day hope to get back into it. 

What i really want more then anything is just to bring more awareness about HIV and STD education. theres not much anymore. You here about it but people kind of take it more as a joke now. How i got it wasnt by sleeping around it was just something that happened. To be honest, it changed me for the better. I see the world in a different way. Im not the same person that i was before the HIV and i think having support and love is the main reason i am so positive about it. 

If you decide to donate, I personally will never be able to repay that kind of generosity. 

I also promise that one day once i get out of the hole that I’m in to pay it forward. Not sure how exactly yet, but when that day comes i know it’ll be towards something truly good.

27 July 2014 ·


Take off your blinders 

see a whole new world 

colors never seen

words never heard.

choices made never to be undone

taking that chance 

life is nothing but a flash 

moments had and gone

memories never to be lost 

-Camden Christopher McFarland 

9 July 2014 ·

Your Lies of Death


Where will we all end up,

Life with its ups and downs,

Will you stay true to whom you are,

Will you be something your not,

Living a lie that can not be changed,

Living in a world all made up,

Love is always around the corner,

Waiting for the words to be said,

So come and see what ill say.

- Camden Christopher McFarland

27 June 2014 ·



Lies, the sweet joys,

The never-ending flow,

The harmonious apples,

Hanging from the branches,

Lies, lies, lies,

Discontinued in the spin,

Disliked by the faith,

Eyes that are always watching,

Never to be hindered in the garden,

The sweet taste,

Bitter after taste,

The words that cant be taken back,

The feelings that went away in a flash,

Always had a feeling,

That you were an ass.

- Camden Christopher McFarland

27 June 2014 ·

Oh, I love you so


Oh, I love you so,

The trees that were green with joy,

The mountains that wept in the rain,

The clouds that were shaped like boats,

The lake that was always clear,

The weather that never killed,

The man that chopped down the wood,

The man that made the mountains roar,


27 June 2014 ·

Love is something


Love is something more than words,

Than the whole world,

In the soul my love burns for you,

In my heart I die not knowing,

In my body I grow old,

In my age I grow to dust,

The marrow of my love grows bigger and bigger,

As the days pass so do you,

As the years go by I ask,

27 June 2014 ·


11 February 2014 ·

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27 April 2013 ·





otp: cabbage merchant/cabbages

tragic pairing

i hope his descendants are in legend of korra

I hope they’re Cabbage benders .

Nah! His Descendant is Amon! Dontcha remember Amon saying benders ruined his grandfathers livelihood? 

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22 April 2013 ·


My lovely followers, please follow this blog immediately!


My lovely followers, please follow this blog immediately!

18 March 2013 ·

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14 March 2013 ·

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14 March 2013 ·

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14 March 2013 ·

About Me

Hellos, Im Camden, Las Vegas, 22, Scorpio, i am werid and i am very proud of it I'm also gay and proud of that too!! :) i love to write and i love beautiful thing. i hope you enjoy. :D

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